Pilates clothing must-haves: Bottoms

According to the happy customers on the Amazon, we’ve completed this review of their offer in Pilates clothing, so you can learn what the essential clothes for Pilates are and what you simply must have.

Here you can learn more about the most popular pants that you can choose from.

American Apparel

The Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings are made from 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane and are essential Pilates pants, especially in winter classes. They keep you warm and snug, while you exercise, yet they breathe and don't show any embarrassing sweat marks. They aren't too thick, so you will feel extremely comfortable in them. Because they are form-fitting, these pants are most desirable in Pilates and with a lot of five-star reviews, they really are top notch. Another big plus is that they come in lots of different colors and sizes.  Also check out the Cotton Spandex Jersey Yoga Pant which will add a sassy edge to your workout look.


Danskin was born for Pilates. They make all kinds of pants. Danskin Ankle Legging or Danskin Yoga Pant are essential for your Pilates exercise. If you like to show your legs you can also get shorts. No matter what you decide to wear, they fit great. Made from 55% Cotton, 35% Polyester and 10% Spandex, they feel incredibly soft and comfortable. The only downside is the limited color variety, since they are only sold in black. However, the price is more than fair and the quality is great.

Beyond Yoga

The Beyond Yoga pants really go beyond yoga. They are more than suitable for Pilates as well. A smashing hit among the ladies are Beyond Yoga Essential Gathered Leggings . It looks like every woman out there that exercises owns a pair of these body-flattering and super comfortable pants. The flatlock seams prevent irritation during the exercise and the fabric blend (90% Supplex and 10% Lycra) eliminates any embarrassing sweat marks. They are functional and stylish and come in lots of different colors and sizes. Also, don’t forget to check out these fashionable Bermuda shorts and Legging. You will soon find out that these are really all that you need for a good and comfortable workout.

Other brands

HOEREV Harem Pilates Pants and Rolled Waist Pilates Pants are also a good choice. Ladies with long legs should definitely check them out. A smooth flat waist band and soft cotton feel makes these workout pants what they are but the real reason to get them is color, available in fashionable colors, you can combine these with virtually any color top. The color choice is diverse enough for the average Pilates practitioner.

Here we present you with the TOP 5 most desirable workout pants:
  1. Beyond Yoga Essential Gathered Leggings
  2. Danskin Ankle Legging
  3. Rolled Waist Pilates Pants
  4. HOEREV Harem Pilates Pants
  5. American Apparel Yoga Pant

Pilates clothes: fabrics

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Workout clothes should be above all comfortable and functional. If you are a beginner in Pilates and still don't know exactly what kind of clothes to buy or if you simply want to know more about the pros and the cons of some of the fabrics out there then you must first read this article before you pull out your credit card.


We all love cotton. It's natural, breathable and it just feels good to wear a cotton shirt especially in hot summer days. Even the clothing vendors now know that natural fibers are very desirable and you can now find more and more clothes made from organic cotton. Cotton absorbs body moisture and is therefore appropriate for underpants and socks, because it doesn't create a moist environment where fungi would flourish. The downside of cotton is that it shrinks and is not as durable as synthetic fibers, which is important when it comes to workout clothes that have to be strong and long-lasting. And although it absorbs moisture it doesn't dry as quickly as some synthetic fibers. The result is that the skin cannot breathe effectively which means that you will be soaked the whole time during a strenuous workout.


Polyester doesn’t breathe the way that cotton does. But it dries very quickly, is more durable and also has higher color retention. However, polyester is generally made from petroleum by-products and therefore has a less-natural feel compared to cotton or bamboo. As a result, polyester in sportswear is usually blended with cotton to produce clothing with mixed properties. If you are passionate about being eco-friendly, you can now buy workout clothes made from recycled polyester fabrics.

Rayon (Viscose)

Made from cellulose, viscose rayon is also called green fiber. Workout clothes made from rayon are strong, extremely absorbent, soft and silk-like. However, rayon may also stretch when wet or shrink when washed. There are however different varieties of rayon, namely lyocell – obtained by a relatively eco-friendly process – and modal – is about 50% more water absorbent than cotton – that are all very soft, absorbent, resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage and less prone to stretch when damp or wet. All rayon fabrics should be washed at lower temperatures.


Spandex is a man-made fabric also known as Lycra (trade name) or elastane (in European countries). Praised for its elasticity, spandex is used to make workout clothing and bras. The clothes made from spandex are comfortable and usually tight fitting – which is very important in Pilates – and they allow the freedom of movement. Spandex is very resistant to washing and drying and won't lose its elasticity the way that lastex (elastic fiber made from latex) will.


Nylon is also often used in workout clothes and like all synthetic fabrics it is most widely used in combination with natural fabrics such as cotton. Nylon is resilient, elastic and it dries quickly. Used to imitate silk, nylon fibers are smooth and therefore dirt doesn’t cling to them. But you have to pay attention to nylon whites because they have to be washed separately to avoid graying.


Clothes made from bamboo are known for their softness, strong absorbency and anti-bacterial properties, when processed in a chemical-free way. Bamboo is also breathable and doesn’t stick to the skin, since it efficiently absorbs and evaporates sweat. But you have to be careful when buying bamboo clothes. Not all bamboo fabric clothes are eco-friendly. There are two ways to process bamboo in order to obtain fiber for fabric. The mechanical method that is also used with hemp and flax is eco-friendly and the fabric obtained this way should be labeled as »natural bamboo fabric«. The chemical procedure, which also destroys any anti-bacterial quality, is very aggressive and this kind of product should be labeled as rayon – with the optional – made from bamboo. Unfortunately this labeling still isn't put into practice by many clothing vendors.

Flax (linen)

Linen is not often used in activewear since it has poor elasticity and it wrinkles easily. But it is sometimes blended with other fabrics, because it is known for its extremely high absorbency (20 % compared to hemp’s 8%) and the ability to lose water rapidly, that is why it always feels cool to the touch. Workout clothes made from linen are very durable and will last a long time. They will also get softer the more they are washed.


Hemp is again becoming a very popular fiber because it’s natural, strong, breathes better than cotton, and is resistant to ultraviolet light and mold. It is very comfortable and known for its good absorbency. Being hypoallergenic and nonirritating to skin, hemp is also an extremely healthy fabric to wear. Similar to flax, hemp also makes the wearer feel cool and fresh in hot conditions such as a good workout.

Pilates and yoga workout clothes should be comfortable, elastic and tight fitted. But don’t forget that a good workout also means a lot of sweat. So you should always choose workout clothes that are made from a type of fabric that will best suit your needs. If you have a sensitive skin, you should definitely buy more clothes made from hemp, bamboo or organic cotton. If your body sweats a lot and you don’t want to be wet during the whole workout you need clothes that dry fast and should look for those made also from nylon or polyester. If you just hate it when clothes stretch or shrink than stay away from cotton and rayon. Usually, workout clothes contain both natural and synthetic fibers and you should always know in what relation the fibers are blended together. Get informed about the fabric before you buy your workout clothes, so that you will know what to expect.
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Pilates clothing: The Basics

What to wear to a Pilates training? Are there any particular Pilates clothes that you need? We all know that there are yoga pants and jogging shoes; and we are all wondering is there such thing as a Pilates uniform?

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There is no such thing as a true Pilates pants or a Pilates top. However, professional Pilates trainers always give these three simple guidelines that you need to consider when shopping for Pilates clothes.

Pilates clothing is:
  • Comfortable
  • Fitted (or at least not too loose)
  • Modest (especially when you are not practicing at home)
Here you can get some insight into what kind of Pilates clothing might suit you best.

First, you have to be comfortable. If your Pilates clothes don't make you feel relaxed than you will probably be more hesitant to perform certain exercises. The most important thing in Pilates is that your mind is able to focus on the exercise and the breathing which also means that you allow your arms and legs the freedom to stretch and move.

So if your top has a cute heart-shaped metal clasp on the back you might want to consider the fact that – while being so fashionable and sexy – it would really hurt if you were to lay on it for a while. Similar are the pants better left without any buttons, tight elastics or drawstrings that would make some Pilates exercises extremely uncomfortable.

Second, it is very important that you are able to control every movement you make and you can only do that with fitted clothes that are relatively body revealing. This way you (or your instructor) can always keep an eye on your alignment. That is why it is very wise not to wear a loose T-shirt and baggy pants, because you won’t be able to control your movements and perform your exercises correctly.

And last but not least, unless you’re practicing nude Pilates, you have to consider the third factor: modesty. Although the Pilates workout clothes need to be form fitting you should always bear in mind that you are there for the workout. If you are a lady who likes to show a little cleavage remember that you would have to move around and when things don’t stay put you will probably be more concerned about covering yourself up than about Pilates. The same goes for the pants. Make sure that the fabric and the waist-length fit to your body even when you are splitting your legs or throwing them over your head.

This of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look good in what you choose to wear. Many clothes vendors such as Fila, Nike, Lucy, Hyde etc. offer a wide variety of fashionable workout clothes that are functional as well.

6 no-nos in Pilates and Yoga Clothings

We all love a good exercise. The kind of exercise that makes you feel strong and healthy. And also gets your body into shape so that you can feel and look good in your clothes. But we often forget to think about what kind of clothes are appropriate to wear during the exercise. 

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Pilates is not just about stretching your body. It is also about stretching your mind. Being focused on the exercise is the key to success. That is why the workout clothes have to be both about feeling good about yourself and also about letting your mind not to worry about them from the moment you start with the hundred.

Here you can read about 6 common clothing errors that will prevent your mind from being set on the exercise:
  1. Really comfortable loose, baggy or gaucho pants
    Although being extra comfortable they are not appropriate for Pilates workout. Remember, Pilates is about moving around, rolling backward, lifting your legs and pulling them up etc. You really can’t control your body movement if your legs keep getting tangled in all the extra fabric. Another factor that is also crucial in Pilates workout is that you must always be able to observe your body so that you can really focus on each movement it makes. The best way to see your legs is to wear some comfortable form-fitting leggings, Capri-style pants or simply shorts.
  2. Really comfortable loose T-shirt
    The same goes for the T-shirt. Make sure that the fabric is stretchy so that you can move your arms freely. If you practice in a group, try not to reveal too much by wearing a top cut down to your navel, since you will have to move around and sometimes things just don’t stay put.
  3. Cute embellishments
    Also try to avoid any unnecessary embellishments such as a fabric tie, wooden beads or metal chains on the back of a top, since it will only hurt your back when you have to lie on it. If you can’t help yourself and find a simple black top just too dull, you will be pleased to know that you can now find workout clothes of all different colors with cute motifs and patterns.
  4. Fashionable accessories
    Leave the dangling earrings and diamond bracelets for a truly special occasion. When you’ll have to lift your arms and legs and swing your body from side to side, soon any accessories apart from a wedding or engagement ring will just throw you off balance. If you really cannot help yourself and you’re some kind of an accessories addict, you can try a fashionable cloth headband that will also prove very functional – basically anything that stays put. Avoid scarfs and necklaces that would only be in your way when you’ll try to focus on the workout. 
  5. Jeans and thick fabric
    Jeans and thick fabric clothes are just not stretchy, don’t allow you the freedom of movement and can be very uncomfortable. Pick appropriate Pilates workout clothes made from cotton, spandex or nylon. The Pilates clothes should be breathable, light in weight, quick drying, stretchable and strong.
  6. Inappropriate or no underwear
    Regular bras just don’t offer enough support during the workout. Usually regular bras have a metal or plastic clasp and that can be uncomfortable in some Pilates exercises like the roll over or when you have to lay on your back. Ladies, it is important to wear a good sports bra! With an exercise bra that will offer you the full support the workout will be so much comfortable and you won’t have to worry about drawing too much attention to yourself. The same goes for no bra at all. Even if you’re not a “well endowed” woman, you still have to at least consider other participants in the Pilates workout class. Unless you want to practice nude Pilates, you simply cannot forget about this rule.